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My little sister from Palestine

My little sister from Palestine

a kid divine,

see how she glows see how she shines,

even in the the darkest room.

Her heart enlarges

in the presence of fools,

bent on world-domination based in all untruths.

My little sister from Palestine

stands around five feet four

on a good day, wearing pumps,

& she barely rises off the floor.

Like a mountain she appears,

declaring peace through all her tears,

rising high above all simple bores.

My little sister from Palestine

has a squeaky voice

yet her words are filled with powerful choice.

She speaks into a world filled with noise

of backward men and good ‘ol boys

of ideologies, false religions,

and a whole lotta white evangelicals named Roy.

See, my little sister from Palestine

she’s a good soul.

She speaks of peace and love

as if love were a diamond and peace was gold.

I reckon she’s an angel, for angels will unfold

The will of God & strength of mind, for little girls like her.

The will of God & peace of mind, for little girls like her.


Deep Down Friend

I sit for many hours calm as glass,

moments turn to days and pass.

Suddenly, a splash and then,

you lift soothing comfort up again.

Yes, so much spills as I rise up,

yet I quench your thirst and fill your cup.

I have more still and some returns,

to meet any raging fires that burn,

to add more hope with joy each day,

to keep your thirstful pangs away,

for I sit still for many long hours,

calm as glass, until you need my power.

There is no end, abundance dwells,

My deep down friend, I am your well.


Butterfly Love

I learned a lot about love by watching a butterfly. She fluttered in the breeze unaware of my eyes. Her wings seemed clumsy but she didn’t care. She blessed her flight in dignified air. She lit majestically, next to me. As if to prove, she could land with ease. Her colors grew against the sun. Her wings expanded one by one. She stayed awhile as if to say; my journey takes me far away. And suddenly, with ease and grace, she flew away up into space. I still sit amazed and watch the sky, because I learned much about love by watching a butterfly.



Written for my 3 sons to document our many travels in the car from Portland to San Diego, together …

What is so funny? goshdangit!?

Fawts are smelly things,
yet we laugh at the aroma that our own fawts bring,
what is so funny? goshdangit!?
It kind of makes me sad,
that we laugh at such a smell so bad.
It makes me yell, it makes me cuss,
that something could smell as bad as us.
Why are particles of poo so hilarious!?
as family and friends are upset with us?
Yet, I’m laughing at things unpure,
because at least the last one was my fawt-
and goshdangit -not yours!