Mikey Green With Certain Anarchy

Mikey’s Poetry

You Bring out the Animals in Me

I’d be a fish if not for being constantly wet,

I’d be a turtle if I had something to hide.

You somehow still catch me in your net,

and poke the fellow deep inside.

Perhaps I could be a bird flying free and near,

or a monkey climbing trees eating figs and pears.

Somehow without a cage you always keep me here,

and rescue me from trees whenever I am scared.

I’d be a lion with a mane so majestic,

or a squirrel with a tail ridiculously fluffy.

But you always keep me tame, humbled and protected,

you scratch my ears like a puppy, when I am feeling scruffy.

I’d be a grizzly bear chasing honey and fighting bees,

or a caterpillar munching on some serious leaves.

But I’d rather the man who gives you all you need,

because you are my precious butterfly floating in the breeze.