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da Music!

MGCA is the music project of gig-Drummer Mikey Green and Guitar-shredder Ed Kordowski. Mikey wrote a few ditties and recorded his Folky acoustic songs in an office at a San Diego TV Station. Months later, this original acoustic music out-charted many Labeled Artists on social media sites, including The Decemberists and Flogging Molly. 

Enter Industrial-Rock Artist Kordowski who added his own tracks and turned Mikey’s acoustic music into bonafide Progressive Rock. (Or at least something beyond acoustic.) They later recorded their second Album Certain Anarchy II at Songtree Studios in Eugene, Oregon. Ed actually rented a U-haul and moved to Eugene for the project.

MGCA follow no rules.  Their “experimental music”  fiddles with rythms, genres and instruments. Mikey is a confession poet who never wrote a song he didn’t live, while Ed is top 100 guitar “shredders” on Earth. (As voted by MGCA Indie Magazine CAII to cast your vote.) 

From Folk to Blues to Bluegrass to Pop to Heavy Metal, MGCA will take you on an all-out tour of musical styles, rythms and emotions.  So grab some earbuds, click an Album or song below from your fav bended genre and enjoy some experimental music.




The Album Certain Anarchy I





The Album Certain Anarchy II







Da Music!

(hover & click to sample from your fav genre)


Secret Society                    (Certain Anarchy II)

One Beer, One Jager          (Certain Anarchy II)

Fade Away                         (Certain Anarchy I)

Devil’spawn                        (Certain Anarchy I)

Prince To Frog                    (Certain Anarchy II)

Aw Sherry                          (Certain Anarchy II)

Charmed                            (Certain Anarchy II)

Break The Spell                  (Certain Anarchy II)



Christina                             (Certain Anarchy I)

3 chords an’ A Girl               (Certain Anarchy I)

She Likes Girls                    (Certain Anarchy I)

PBJ Song (Girlfriend Jingle)  (Certain Anarchy I)



American Man                     (Certain Anarchy I)

Zen Revolution                    (Certain Anarchy II)

Mississippi Nights                (Certain Anarchy II)

Knock On Wood                  (Certain Anarchy I)

4 Lonely Nights                   (Certain Anarchy I)



She Don’t Trust Men           (Certain Anarchy II)


Mikey’s Original Acoustic Versions:

American Man


She Likes Girls

3chords an’ A Girl


Nok On Wood



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